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Descript : Compact Flash Card 512MB 45X Speed (CF Card) Transcend
Capacity : 512MB
  45X Speed
Read/Write Speads 8 MB/sec and 6.6 MB/sec. (4 times faster data transfer than a traditional CompactFlash card)
Low power consumption
OP.Voltage : 3.3V/5V
Op.Temperature: 0(32F) to 70C(158F)
Weight: approximately 11.4g (Max.)
Size: 42.8mm x 36.4mm x 3.3mm (L x W x H)
Durability 1,000,000 program/erase cycles
Durability of Connector: 10,000 times
Built-in ATA interface for easy Plug and Play interoperability
Built-in dynamic defect management and error correction technology

New 100% compatible,1 year Warranty.

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preferential price :£ :29.45

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