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·World’s first small form factor data storage device.
·Built-in dynamic defect management and error correction technology.
·Data transfer rate: 6.6 MB/sec (Max.)
·Fully compliant with open industry standards.
·Forward and backward compatibility.
·Built-in ATA interface for easy Plug and Play interoperability.
·Low power consumption.
·45X Ultra Performance.
·Compatibility across many platforms.
·1-years warranty.
Part NO. :  TS256MCF45
Description : Transcend
Capacity :  256Mb
OP.Voltage :  3.3V/5V
Op.Temperature: 0°C(32°F) to 70°C(158°F)
Weight: 11.4g (Max.)
Length : 42.8mm x 36.4mm x 3.3mm
Memory Type : NAND-type flash memory
Durability : 1,000,000 program/erase cycles

New 100% compatible,1 year Warranty.

Fit Models(Machine Models) :

  • digtal camera
    Manufacturer Model
    EOS DCS-3
    IXUS 400
    CASIO QV2400UX
    FUJITSU FinePix S7000
    IMATION Imation Flash Go
    NIKON CoolPix 8700
    NIKON D70
    OLYMPUS E-10
    digtal camera 45X Compact Flash Card
    AGFA ActionCam/E-Photo CL20/E-Photo CL30/E-Photo CL34/E-Photo CL45
    BENQ DC3310
    CANON EOS 10/DEOS 1D/EOS 1Ds/EOS 300D/EOS D2000/EOS D60/EOS DCS-1/EOS DCS-5/IXUS /IXUS V2/IXUS V3/PowerShot A10/PowerShot A20/PowerShot A200/PowerShot A300 /PowerShot A5Z/PowerShot A60/PowerShot A70/PowerShot G2/PowerShot G5/PowerShot S30 /PowerShot S300/PowerShot S330/PowerShot S40/PowerShot S45/PowerShot S50/PoweShot G3 /E-700/GV-10/GV-20/QV-2000UX/QV-2000UX/Ir/QV-2300 UX Plus/QV-2800UX/QV-2900UX /QV-3000EX/QV-3500EX/QV-3ex/QV-4000/QV-5000SX/QV-5500SX/QV-70/QV-700/QV-7000SX /QV-770/QV-780/QV-8000SX
    DIGIMASTER DC2100/ DC3320/ 10-C
    EPSON Colorio CP-500/Colorio CP-600/Colorio CP-700Z/Colorio CP-800/Colorio CP-900/Photo PC 3000Z/Photo PC 3300Z/Photo PC 500/Photo PC 550/Photo PC 600/Photo PC 650/Photo PC 700Z/Photo PC 750Z/Photo PC 800/Photo PC 850Z
    FUJITSU /DS-220/DS-300/DS-330/DS-505A/DS-515A/DS-560/DS-565/FinePix M603/FinePix S1 Pro/FinePix S2 Pro/FinePix S602 zoom/HC-2000
    HP /PhotoSmart 315/PhotoSmart 318/PhotoSmart 612/PhotoSmart 715/PhotoSmart C20/PhotoSmart C200/PhotoSmart C200Xi/PhotoSmart C30/PhotoSmart C315/PhotoSmart C500/PhotoSmart C500Xi/PhotoSmart C618/PhotoSmart C912 
    HP-COMPAQ PhotoSmart 612  
    JVC GC-S1U  
    KODAK /DC 120/DC 200/DC 210/DC210A/DC 215/DC 220/DC 240Z/DC 25/DC 260/DC 265/DC 280Z/DC 290Z/DC 3200/DC 3400/DC 3800/DC 4800 /DC 50/DC 5000/DCS 315/DCS 330/DCS 410/DCS 420/DCS 460/DCS 465/DCS 560/DCS 620/DCS 660/DCS 760/Digital Science DC120 /Digital Science DC200 Plus/Digital Science DC210 Plus Zoom/Digital Science DC210 Zoom/Digital Science DC215 Zoom/Digital Science DC220 Zoom/Digital Science DC240 Zoom/Digital Science DC25/Digital Science DC260 Zoom/Digital Science DC260 Zoom/Pro Edition/Digital Science DC280 Zoom/Digital Science DC290 Zoom/Digital Science DC50 Zoom/DX 3500/DX 3600/DX 3700/DX 3900/DX 4900/Pro 14n/Pro Back 645M/H
    KONICA /DG-1/Q-3501/ Q-M100/V /Q-M200/Q-Mini 
    KYOCERA /DR-350/Finecam3300/Micro Elite 3300/Samurai 1300DG/Samurai 2100DG 
    MINOLTA /Dimage 2300/Dimage 7i/DiMAGE EX WIDE 1500/DiMAGE EX ZOOM 1500/Dimage RD-3000/Dimage X20/Dimage-2330Z/Dimage-5 /Dimage7/Dimage-7Hi/RD-175/S304/S404 
    MITSUBISHI DJ-1000  
    MUSTEK /G-Smart 350/MDC-3000/MDC-800/VDC-200/VDC-300/VDC-3500 
    NIKON /CoolPix 2000/CoolPix 2100/CoolPix 2500/CoolPix 3100/CoolPix 3500/CoolPix 4300/CoolPix 4500/CoolPix 5000/CoolPix 5400 /CoolPix 5700/CoolPix 600/CoolPix 700/CoolPix 775/CoolPix 800/CoolPix 880/CoolPix 885/CoolPix 900/CoolPix 950/CoolPix 990/CoolPix 995/CoolPix SQ/CoolPix-910/D1/D100/D1H/D1X/D2H/E2/E2n/E2ns/E2s/E3/E3s 
    OLYMPUS /C-2500L/C-5050Z/DS-220A/E-1/E-20 
    PANASONIC /CoolShot KXL-600A/CoolShot KXL-601A/PalmCam PV-DC1080/PalmCam PV-DC1580/PalmCam PV-DC2090/PalmCam PV-DC2590 /PalmCam PV-DC5500 
    PENTAX *istD/2000/C200/C2000/EI-200/EI-C90/Optio 230/Optio 330/Optio 430/Optio 430RS/Optio330GS 330RS 
    POLAROID /PDC-1000/PDC-1100/PDC-1300/PDC-1320/PDC-2000/PDC-2300Z/PDC-3000/PDC-700 
    PSION series 5/ series 7  
    RCA CDS-4100/CDS-6300  
    RICOH /RDC-100G/RDC-2/RDC-25/RDC-2E/RDC-2L/RDC-2S/RDC-2V/RDC-i500/RDC-i700 
    SAMSUNG /Digimax 100/Digimax 210SE/Digimax-130/Digimax-230/Digimax-330/Digimax-340/Digimax-35/Digimax-350SE/Digimax-410/SSC-410N 
    UMAX /DC-A1/MDX-5000/MDX-8000/PhotoRun 
    YASHICA /KC-350/KC-600/Samurai-1300DG/Samurai-2100DG/Samurai-3300  
    Handheld PC 45X Compact Flash Card 
    COMPAQ /Aero 8000/C-Series 2010c/C-Series 2015 
    EPSON EHT-30  
    FUJITSU /PenCentra 130/PenCentra 200/Point 510/Stylistic 3400/TeamPad 7120/TeamPad 7200/TeamPad 7600 
    HP Jornada 680/Jornada 680E/Jornada 690/Jornada 690E/Jornada 720/Jornada 820 
    LG ELECTRONICS Handheld PC Ultra  
    NEC MobilePro 450/MobilePro 750 H-PC/MobilePro 770/MobilePro 800 
    PHILIPS Nino 200/Nino 300/Nino 301/Nino 302/Nino 500/Nino-325 
    SAMSUNG Infogear  
    SHARP Mobilon HC-4100/Mobilon HC-4500/Mobilon HC-4600/Mobilon Pro 5500/TriPad PV-6000/Zaurus MI-504 Zaurus MI-506/Zaurus MI-5060C 
    MP3 45X Compact Flash Card
    RCA Lyra2-RD2211/Lyra-RD2201/Lyra-RD2204 
    PDA 45X Compact Flash Card
    CASIO Cassiopeia 125/Cassiopeia 500/Cassiopeia 800/Cassiopeia A-10/Cassiopeia A-11/Cassiopeia A-11 plus/Cassiopeia A-20/Cassiopeia E-10/Cassiopeia E-100/Cassiopeia E-105/Cassiopeia E-11/Cassiopeia E-15/Cassiopeia EG-80 
    COMPAQ Aero 1500 Series/Aero 2100 Series/ipaq H3600/ipaq H3700/ipaq H3800/PC 120/ PC C120+/PC C140/PC Companion  
    EVEREX Freestyle  
    HP Jornada 420 /Jornada 428 /Jornada 430SE /Jornada 520 /Jornada 525 /Jornada 540 Series 540/545/547/548 /Jornada 560 Series 564/565/567/568 /OmniGo 120 /OmniGo 700LX /PalmtopPC 200LX /PalmtopPC 300LX /PalmtopPC 320LX /PalmtopPC 360LX /PalmtopPC 620LX /PalmtopPC 660LX  
    IBM PalmPad 100  
    LG ELECTRONICS GP40M /Phenom PTRM5F /Pocket Phenom  
    NEC MobilePro 200 /MobilePro 700 /MobilePro-400  
    Printer 45X Compact Flash Card
    HP PhotoSmart 1215/ PhotoSmart 1218  
    OLYMPUS p-200  
    CISCO Router 2691/ Router 3725 Access/Router 3745 Access  
    Standard 45X Compact Flash Card
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    sale price : £ 20.00
    preferential price : £ 19.00


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